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M2woman is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients & their customers. M2 Magazine will not distribute, sell, or rent names, email addresses, or any other personally identifiable information to any third party. M2woman may share non- personal, non-individual information collectively with its marketing partners strictly for its own research purposes. For example, M2 Magazine will not provide specifics around who purchased a specific product, but rather how many customers purchased that product. This privacy policy covers M2 Magazine’s Publishing Platform and its client tablet applications.

Application means an application used by a Customer running on a Device, used to access our magazines, such as a digital magazine reader.
Client means our magazine readers and advertisers.
Content means our digital services & data.
Customer & Consumer means an end user.
Device means a handheld or desktop software or hardware device (such as a phone or tablet computer) that accessed the our content.
External Service means a service provided by a party other than M2woman.
Service means the service provided by M2woman.

User Information
In order to perform its function, our magazines collect user information. This user information can in no way be used to identify a user beyond identifying the Device they are using to access our content.

Some or all of the following information is collected:

Username or unique user identifier – This is a username or other unique identifier of a user. This identifier by itself does not allow a user to be identified, it only provides the system with a means of differentiating between users for providing access to purchases, etc.
Unique device Identifier – These are unique identifiers for software & hardware devices accessing the platform. These may include iOS device UDIDs or IMEI numbers. These identifiers cannot be used to identify a Customer, only the Device they use.
Device token – For devices that support remote notifications (e.g. iPhone, iPad), a unique (per application & device) token is stored to facilitate sending remote notifications to that device.
IP addresses – The IP address of Devices used to access us.
Purchases – The details of any purchases made by a Device, including the product name, date, quantity, content version, etc.
Purchase receipts – Receipts for product purchases from payment gateways such as the Apple App Store. Such receipts are opaque to M2 Magazine and do not contain user information.
Dates – Various dates are recorded, including system access times, purchase dates, etc.
Analytics – Various user events are tracked by the System.
iOS Auto-Renewable Subscriptions
For Customers purchasing auto-renewable subscriptions (both free & paid), when a user opts in to share their information, (via Apple) may also collect:
Name – The name of the user associated with the Apple ID making the purchase.
Email – The email address of the user associated with the Apple ID making the purchase.
Postal Code – The postcode or zip code the user associated with the Apple ID making the purchase.

M2 Magazine and/or third parties (via linked content) may use cookies to store transient session authentication tokens or to compile statistical data in order to analyse how visitors use the platform. The process may involve setting cookies on Devices in order to gather the necessary information to perform the statistical analysis. The information collected is designed to measure the performance of various marketing initiatives and overall system performance. This information can include the User Information listed above, as well as a user’s activity on the service.

Access to the System is logged in plain text log files and SQL databases. These are used to monitor server performance, analyse trends, administer the System, track user movement. Log files may include some or all of the User Information listed above.

Third Parties
Remote notifications may be sent via external systems such as Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS). Information sent to remote notifications services may include a device token and application specific parameters such as a message. No personal or user identifying information is sent to these systems.

The System may contain content from third-party content providers; however the content provider(s) will not receive M2 Magazine user or customer information from M2 Magazine.

To provide support to Customers, M2 Magazine may collect Customer information including name, email addresses, device information (such as device type, revision, operating system), etc. M2 Magazine may communicate with Customers via telephone, email or other online support systems. This information is stored in M2 Magazine’s private, internal document management system.

Applications track user behaviour in order to improve the user experience & provide reporting to Clients. The analytics collected do not include any identifying information (apart from a device identifier) or personal data.
For example the analytics might record that a user clicked on the Purchases screen, and then purchased a particular issue, M2woman would use this to generate aggregate statistics reports that inform us how many people purchased a particular product.
Some platforms prohibit the collection of user analytics data, where this applies, Applications do not collect this information.

Content provided contains links to external web sites controlled by third parties. Such other sites are not under the control of M2 Magazine. Therefore, M2 Magazine makes no representations as to the accuracy or integrity of the content included on such other sites.

When you access a non-M2 Magazine web site, you do so at your own risk and M2 Magazine is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information, data, opinions, advice, or statements made on these sites. M2 Magazine provides these links merely as a convenience and service to readers, and the inclusion of such links does not imply that M2woman endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or uses of such web sites. M2 Magazine encourages all of its visitors to read the individual privacy statements of such web sites. Our Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected by us.
Additionally, while the System may be accessed from countries around the world and contains references to M2 Magazine content, products, services, and programs, such references do not obligate M2woman to provide such content, products, services, or programs in every country.

Opt-Out Policy
Customers may email [email protected] if they no longer wish to receive information from M2 Magazine.
Changes to this Privacy Statement

M2woman reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement, and may modify the Statement from time to time. Changes will be posted on this website.

Additional Information
If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or our practices, please email [email protected].

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